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To venture or not to venture: funding Africa’s early-stage innovation

Africa’s early-stage financing ecosystem should leapfrog into a development financing space that hasn’t yet been witnessed in emerging markets.

31 May 2023 by Tapfuma Musewe


SA foreign policy must balance constitutional values and national interest

South Africa should align its foreign policy with development priorities and agree to defend open, democratic societies.

25 May 2023 by Jakkie Cilliers


What are the low-hanging fruits for President Tinubu to accelerate Nigeria’s economic economy?

Nigeria is in a challenging and deteriorating economic position and unless important structural reforms are made, post-election recovery will stall.

24 May 2023 by Mustapha Jobarteh

Climate Change, Energy

Intersectional gender equity must inform efforts to enhance climate security in Africa

Promoting women’s meaningful participation in climate action can improve the overall resilience of Africa and the planet

16 May 2023 by Marisa O. Ensor

Financial Flows

Could FDI be Rwanda’s lifeline as donors pull the plug?

Rwanda has successfully raised donor aid, but growing its economy now depends on attracting foreign direct investment.

09 May 2023 by Enoch Randy Aikins and Alize le Roux


What Africa wants – and what the West needs to do

Poor countries need effective, delivery-oriented governance – it hardly matters what the institutional setting is.

03 May 2023 by Jakkie Cilliers

Climate Change, Energy

Climate change could tip the Niger Delta back into a post-amnesty insurgency

By deepening environmental challenges and worsening poverty, climate change is creating the conditions for full-scale unrest in the region.

25 April 2023 by Dengiyefa Angalapu

Africa in the World

How the war in Ukraine ends, and the implications for Africa

To reach its growth potential, Africa needs a rapprochement between the West and China.

18 April 2023 by Jakkie Cilliers