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Powering Africa: the future of nuclear energy

Africa’s large base-load energy demand will require a substantial investment in nuclear.

20 May 2024 by Jakkie Cilliers

Africa in the World

The new space age, Africa and the common good

African leaders must act to preserve Earth’s orbit for global development and prosperity.

13 May 2024 by Kyle Hiebert

Current Path

Why is East Africa’s growth advancing, leaving Southern Africa behind?

Disparities due to regional variations in economic performance and resilience to global shocks challenge Africa’s overall growth.

06 May 2024 by Elsabé Loots


Gender equality matters for Africa's development

Addressing the gender gap in Africa promotes growth and reduces poverty

29 April 2024 by Kouassi Yeboua

Africa in the World

The US, the West and the future of Africa

The US needs to focus on collaborating with China if it wants to maintain influence in Africa.

19 April 2024 by Jakkie Cilliers

Africa in the World

Pushing Africa’s reform agenda at the World Bank-IMF Spring Meetings

What does Africa want to get out of the World Bank-IMF Spring Meetings? Is this the time to accelerate the push for reform?

16 April 2024 by Jana de Kluiver


How will Africa navigate its future energy transition?

How can Africa balance its development with global carbon emission goals?

09 April 2024 by Jakkie Cilliers and Alize le Roux


An urgent call for a global carbon tax framework to combat the climate crisis

A global carbon tax is essential, but coordinated efforts, including equitable distribution and shared responsibility, are imperative for effective climate governance in the 21st century.

03 April 2024 by Alize le Roux and Jakkie Cilliers