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Why the stories Africa tells itself are key to its future

Africa must come up with its own narrative, lest it be condemned to being a bit player in someone else’s story.

22 September 2022 by Cobus van Staden

Health and WaSH

Africa’s health sovereignty can build more equitable and prosperous societies

Strong institutional COVID-19 responses prepare the continent for future health emergencies.

13 September 2022 by Tamzin Hudson


The world’s divided future

As global upheavals change the world as we know it, four scenarios reveal the impacts on our long-term future.

23 August 2022 by Jakkie Cilliers


A continent at a digital crossroads

Africa must rapidly move towards digitising manufacturing, or miss out on the regional and global value chains of the future.

18 August 2022 by Rob Floyd

FDI flows to Africa: recent trends during COVID and future expectations

Africa posts strong foreign direct investment numbers in 2021, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

27 July 2022 by Elsabe Loots

Africa can achieve prosperity, but there are no quick fixes

A new Institute for Security Studies website provides data-driven pathways to improving income levels and reducing poverty.

21 July 2022 by Jakkie Cilliers

Africa is losing the battle against extreme poverty

The continent will probably miss the SDG poverty target, but the right policies could deliver significant reductions.

21 July 2022 by Enoch Randy Aikins and Du Toit McLachlan

Financial Flows

Is the IMF making a comeback across Africa?

COVID-19 and the Ukraine war have set the scene for rapprochement and a new era of engagement.

25 May 2022 by Ronak Gopaldas and Daniel Van Dalen