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Africa in the World

Africa’s story of resilience

Despite the massive funding needed for Africa’s development and post-COVID-19 recovery, its future economic trajectory looks promising.

31 January 2023 by Tamzin Hudson


World destabilising shocks and aid to Sub-Saharan Africa

The geopolitical tensions between Russia and its allies, China and the West could affect aid flows to Africa.

27 January 2023 by Elsabe Loots

Climate Change, Energy

Malawi’s agricultural sector needs urgent climate adaptation

Failure to safeguard the sector against climate hazards will have far-reaching socio-economic ramifications.

19 January 2023 by Alize le Roux and Kouassi Yeboua

Current Path

Uganda’s development prospects

With the right set of policy interventions, Uganda can advance in human and economic development by 2040.

07 December 2022 by Mustapha Jobarteh


What does a wounded ANC mean for South Africa’s prospects?

Amidst debates about presidential impeachment, the main question is how far ANC support will fall in the 2024 elections.

06 December 2022 by Jakkie Cilliers


Unleashing Kenya’s development potential

President Ruto’s administration must target strategic sectors to unlock the country’s development prospects.

30 November 2022 by Enoch Randy Aikins and Jakkie Cilliers


Harnessing technology to improve Africa’s productivity and economic transformation

Better contemporary research is needed at the Africa-firm level and from a country-level policy perspective on the causality between technology and productivity.

22 November 2022 by Rob Floyd, Chux Daniels and Habtamu Edjigu


Nigeria and South Africa both need new leadership

As with South Africa, only a political solution can resolve Nigeria’s dilemma.

07 November 2022 by Jakkie Cilliers and Kouassi Yeboua