Fate of the Nation

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In "Fate of the Nation," Jakkie Cilliers addresses critical questions about South Africa's future, exploring the potential for an ANC split, a DA-led government, and an ANC-EFF alliance. He presents three scenarios: Bafana Bafana, Nation Divided, and Mandela Magic.

Cilliers highlights the ANC's internal power struggle between Jacob Zuma's Traditionalists and Cyril Ramaphosa's Reformers, leading to policy confusion and poor governance. The outcome of the ANC's December 2017 national conference will be crucial, determining which scenario unfolds.

"Fate of the Nation" is essential for understanding South Africa's potential futures.

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About the author

Jakkie Cilliers

Jakkie Cilliers

Dr Jakkie Cilliers is the ISS's founder and former executive director. He currently serves as chair of the ISS Board of Trustees and head of the African Futures and Innovation (AFI) programme at the Pretoria office of the Institute. His 2017 best-seller Fate of the Nation addresses South Africa’s futures from political, economic and social perspectives. His three most recent books, Africa First! Igniting a Growth Revolution (March 2020), The Future of Africa: Challenges and Opportunities (April 2021), and Africa Tomorrow: Pathways to Prosperity (June 2022) take a rigorous look at the continent as a whole.

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